Learn about Recovery Café Membership


Recovery Café was founded on the knowledge that every human being is precious and beloved regardless of past trauma, mental and emotional anguish, or addictive behaviors.

We provide a beautiful, safe, warm, drug and alcohol free space and loving community to anchor Members (our most closely-supported consumers) in the sustained recovery needed to gain and maintain access to housing, social and health services, healthy relationships, education and employment.

Our program is designed to help people maintain recovery, reduce relapse and fulfill their potential. Important elements of this work include:

  • A healing milieu with free, nutritious meals, coffee, tea and lattes, birthday celebrations, Open Mic nights, access to a computer lab, daily encouragement and a robust delivery of the message YOU MATTER.
  • Small, loving accountability groups called Recovery Circles which offer peer-to-peer support. They are facilitated by a staff person, trained community volunteer, or a long-term Member.
  • Volunteer opportunities allow Members to: learn the rewards of giving back, improve communication abilities, develop leadership skills, and learn to interact effectively and productively with staff, other Members, and outside volunteers who spend time at the Café sharing their gifts.
  • Education through the School for Recovery, a school available to Members and Volunteers featuring classes that address the underlying causes of addiction, teach coping skills, develop knowledge, and build recovery capital.
  • 12-step meetings are held in a dedicated space including Alcoholics Anonymous (Spanish and English), Narcotics Anonymous, and Overeaters Anonymous.
  • Referral Services. We partner with a wide network of complementary service providers to help Members gain and maintain housing, healthcare, mental health services, legal assistance and a base of support as they navigate the complex social services system. Recovery Café doesn’t seek to duplicate services but rather be a place of stability so Members can access the services they need.

We provide support, resources and a community of care along the entire continuum of a person’s need for recovery assistance.

Whether in crisis, newer to recovery, in long-term recovery, after a relapse, during a difficult life change, or mental health transition, the Café is there as a refuge of care with evidence-based addiction support and love.

We teach people ways to manage mental health, maintain sobriety, and build community. We help each individual reclaim life as a person worthy of giving and receiving love.