Our Mission

We are a community of individuals who have been traumatized by homelessness, addiction and other mental health challenges coming to know we are loved and that we have gifts to share.

Recovery Café’s Guiding Principles:

  1. Connect with divine Love in ourselves and others
  2. Show respect
  3. Cultivate compassion
  4. Practice forgiveness
  5. Encourage growth
  6. Give Back

Recovery Café Equity Statement

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection.” – Johann Hari

Recovery Café was founded on the idea that everyone is loved and has gifts to share. The Members we serve are in recovery from the traumas of homelessness, addiction, and other mental health challenges. Inclusion is primary to our work.

While we know that the members of our community have overcome significant hurdles in their lives, we recognize that advantages and barriers exist, and as a result, we do not all start from the same place. We name white supremacy as the dominant force that has created and continues to widen the gap between those who have what they need to fulfill their potential, and those that do not.

To be an equitable organization, we will work to center the voices of those who face the barriers of bias, poverty, and other systemic injustice.

Welcoming our Members into a community of radical hospitality is a fundamental aspect of our work. In order to create this community where all are valued, we will strive to:

  • Ensure diversity is a strength in our organization and to continue to build on that strength.
  • Reflect and represent the community that we serve on all levels of our organization.
  • Provide ongoing training for staff and volunteers to recognize and address systemic barriers.
  • Acknowledge the strengths and differences in others.
  • Not assume that the ways we have done things are the only correct way.
  • Take seriously all complaints of racial or any other type of discrimination and harassment and make sure each is dealt with in a manner that is fair, urgent, and consistent.
  • Create an inclusive environment for all regardless of age, ability, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, indigenous heritage, gender identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and life experience.

We also recognize that this statement is just the first step in becoming an equitable organization. We know this work is hard, that it will require us to stretch in uncomfortable ways, and at times might require us to ask for forgiveness. We are committed to an ongoing dialogue between Recovery Café Members, volunteers, staff, and donors to address racial and other systemic inequities in our organization and provide programs and services that benefit all who come through our doors.