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Our Team

Team Members

Jean Adler Stean

Community Engagement Manager

James Brandt

Delivery Associate

David Coffey

Executive Director

Chris Cummings

South Lake Union Café Manager

Ronnie Davis

Development Officer

Crystal Duncan

South Lake Union Kitchen Manager

George Hazel

SODO Café Manager

Alisha Isensee

Community Engagement Coordinator

Jeff King

Office and Facilities Manager

Rachel Koller

Resource Specialist

Brian Kosewski

South Lake Union Kitchen and Facilities Manager

Rick Malley-Crawford

Director of Resource Development

Rachel Marren

Impact Coordinator

Leonard Mayo

SODO Operations Manager

Killian Noe

Founding Director

Andrea Olsen

Café Support Specialist

Elizabeth Reilly

Special Projects Coordinator

Terri Rhodes

South Lake Union Café Manager

Mikayla Schneider

Radical Hospitality Coordinator

Skye Stuart

Director of Finance and Administration

Ruby Takushi

Director of Programs

Sherry Taylor

SODO Café Manager

Tiffany Turner

South Lake Union Operations Manager

Recovery Café Network Team Members

Gordon Greaves

RCN Emerging Member Manger

Ashley Propes

RCN Engagement Manager

David Uhl

Recovery Café Network Director

Rebecca Reeder

RCN Communications and Development Specialist

Recovery Café Board of Directors

Alysse Bryson

Recovery Café Board President


Emmy Neilson

Recovery Café Board Vice-President

Community Volunteer

David Boyle

Recovery Cafe Board Treasurer

Independent Consultant

Birage Tandon

Recovery Café Board Secretary

Lakeside School

Killian Noe

Recovery Café Co-Founder

Dr. Ruby Takushi

Recovery Café Co-Founder

Mary Crow

Recovery Café Co-Founder

Diane Tomhave

Community Volunteer

Paul Whyatt


Mary Ellen Weber

Community Volunteer

Laura Inveen

Community Volunteer

Dr. Charissa Fotinos

Washington State Health Care Authority