Member Profile: Allen

The Healing Power of Art By Ashley Dykstra “Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.” ~ Claude Monet Seemingly displaced from 16th century England, Queen Elizabeth I saunters through Recovery Café’s front doors on Saturday night with an aristocratic grace … Continued

Member’s Profile: Keith

“From Rats to Riches” By Ashley Dykstra Keith was overjoyed. He, a recovering addict with an arrest record, passed the enlistment process to be a culinary specialist with the United States Army. Two days before he was scheduled to leave for basic training, a car struck his bicycle. The driver fled the scene, leaving Keith … Continued

A Declaration of Transformation

A theme we often see at Recovery Café is the need for closure from a lot of our Members. The following is a declaration of transformation from one of our Member’s, as told by our Founding Director Killian Noe. Names have been changed and omitted for confidentiality purposes. She slipped into my office and in … Continued

Remembering Marguerite

“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.” – Terry Pratchett When a new donor, volunteer, or community member comes to Recovery Café for the first time they inevitably ask; “What makes this place so special, what is the secret to your success?” The answer, which might seemingly … Continued

Congratulations Victor!

Recovery Café was honored to have both Jim Vollendroff and King County Council Member Jeanne Kohl-Welles at our recent Standing in the Gap Friend and Fundraising breakfast.   A longtime Member of the Café, Victor was the co-emcee.  We have shared a little bit of his story with King County in year’s past.  We also recently … Continued

Member Profile: Jay

By Ashley Dykstra Jay believes that everyone is coded at birth with a pre-determined destiny. And his journey was majorly altered in infancy with his adoption. “My adoptive mother told me that I was special and she chose me,” but his adoption left a vacancy in his heart. “I was living a life borrowed because … Continued

Member Profile: J. Cooley and Kendall

By Ashley Dykstra To protect the privacy of our Members, the names and some identifying details have been changed. J. Cooley traveled more than 2,800 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Seattle to end his life. In January 2015, when most of us were making and breaking our New Year’s resolutions to meet idealistic fitness goals … Continued

Member Profile: Jerry Deveau

By Ashley Dykstra Jerry Deveau chose a life less ordinary – a purpose driven existence punctuated by transient jobs, travel abroad, jail sentences, substance use disorders, relapses, and then recovery. Sharing in his experiences was his adoring wife, who passed away suddenly four years ago. Her memory is sobering, and Jerry is committed to staying … Continued

Member Profile: John Honn

By Ashley Dykstra “When I walk through the door, it’s a home away from home,” said John, “kind of like the show Cheers; a place where everybody knows your name – that’s not a bar.” John Honn is one of our baristas, celebrating his three-year anniversary as an active Member of the Café and his … Continued