Both Seattle Recovery Cafés are now open as gathering spaces! 
Recovery Café SLU is open Tuesday – Saturday from 12pm-6pm. Recovery Café SODO is open Monday – Friday from 9am-2pm.
Learn about our Membership requirements and our COVID protocols.

Our Programs

Members of Recovery Café are invited to take part in our array of programs, each designed to provide support and stability for the recovery journey. 

Recovery Support

  • Recovery Circles are small, loving support groups where people are known, loved and held to be their best selves. Each Recovery Circle is led by a trained Circle Facilitator, many of which are Members with longer-term, stable recovery. 
  • Telephone Support: weekly one-on-one telephone calls with a trained Circle Facilitator (fill out our Member interest form to get started!)


To-go meals are available for pick up at Recovery Café South Lake Union:

  • Monday through Saturday from 12:30pm to 2:30pm
  • Sunday from 10:30-12:30p

Resource Connection

  • Referrals from our Resource Specialist to additional resources 
  • Resource Connection Days: We provide resources outside our SLU Café once a month, such as COVID testing, Hep A/B & Flu Vaccines, technology support, hygiene kits, & more! Check out our schedule for the next day and available resources. 

School for Recovery

The School for Recovery provides classes to support growth, healing, and discovery. Every single class is designed to provide support, wisdom, and companions for the hard work of making healthier choices as we live with whatever it is we are recovering from. Classes are on a variety of topics: yoga, meditation, writing, life & recovery skills, and more! See our schedule for current classes and events!

Community Events (see schedule for links & more information)

  • Facebook Live: Join Killian & friends to hear updates and share about Recovery Café–first Friday of the month 
  • Zoom Pathways to Recovery: All are invited to share about their journey to recovery–2nd Friday of the month
  • Cafe Connections: A monthly online gathering of the Recovery Café Community–3rd Friday of the month 
  • Zoom Game Days: Join our community weekly for a fun online game!