Hello Recovery Café Staff and Community Volunteers,

Thank you for your continued support of our Members during this difficult time. Below are two documents to help guide your conversations with Members. 

We will keep this resource page updated as we refine our response to RC Members.  Please check back for news and resources you can share during calls.  

Remember we have a standing Zoom meeting on Thursdays at 11:30-12:30, please plan attend.  In-between that call please always feel free to reach out to your assigned smaller telephone team lead.

Telephone Support Caller Guide

2020Mar19 Check in writable PDF

Additionally, here are three resources that you can share with the Member to help meet their recovery needs. 

Non-Profits Still Operating in Seattle

Accessing Recovery Support Online and Via Phone

Recovery Link – Digital Recovery Support

Finally, here is an FAQ that may answer any of the questions you have regarding this process and how to handle difficult interactions with Members.

FAQs for RC Telephone Support