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Drug Czar and Macklemore Visit the Café

killian Czar MackOn February 9th Recovery Café hosted a visit from two individuals with a deep commitment to their own recovery journeys and to making recovery support accessible for others.  Michael Botticelli, the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, aka, “the Drug Czar” and rapper Macklemore toured Recovery Café and met with a dozen members of our community.

Both Botticelli and Macklemore conveyed the importance of speaking out about ones’ own recovery as a way to reduce the stigma of addiction. Botticelli shared how much progress has been made regarding being gay in America and he is hopeful that similar progress can be made regarding the stigma around addiction and other mental health challenges. Macklemore talked openly of his own recovery journey as did several of our staff and Members.

As Killian noted afterward, “This visit was an example of the oneness of the human family; President Obama’s “drug czar,” an international music sensation, and women and men recovering from homelessness, addiction and other mental health challenges, all at the table, all sharing a common bond of hope and desire to help others heal.”

David Uhl noted, “I don’t think it was an accident that Director Botticelli was confirmed by the full U.S. Senate the same day as his visit.  The power of Recovery Cafe is mighty indeed.”

Botticelli wrote in a follow up letter, “I truly enjoyed meeting some of your members and hearing firsthand about the transformations that happen under Recovery Café’s guidance.  Your beautiful space and array of services help people embrace recovery and choose a life of wellness.  Your innovative, recovery, community model is powerful in helping individuals establish a foundation in recovery and build on that foundation to become active citizens again.”  In another correspondence he expressed, “you and your staff are uniquely positioned to give strength to people who need healing the most.”

Thank you Macklemore and Director Michael Botticelli for your visit!

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