Learn about Recovery Café Membership

For Providers

Learn More About Recovery Café

Recovery Café is grateful and honored to work alongside many community partners. We understand that building a stable life in recovery requires the support of a wide range of services.  

Providers who would like to learn more about what we do at the Café are invited to attend a coffee hour. If you are interested in outreach to our Members or sharing information about your work with the Recovery Café community, please contact our Resource Referral Manager.

Case Managers

Clients interested in enrolling for Membership may visit us during open hours at our SLU or SODO locations. Because community life at Recovery Café is highly interactive and interpersonal, the ability to give and receive information is essential to Membership. Newcomers are welcome to be a guest for the day, join us for a meal, and experience available community events. Case Managers wishing to accompany clients are asked to call ahead to arrange a visit. 

Recovery Café’s community is enriched by the principle that everyone here wants to be here. Therefore, we ask various programs (such as Drug Court) not to mandate attendance at Recovery Café. We encourage you to refer people but ask that you not make Recovery Café a requirement.

For information about Community Service Hours, please contact Tiffany Turner.

New Member Introduction

New Member Introduction is a structured orientation to the Café community for both new Members and former Members who have been away from the Café and are seeking to recommit to Membership. New Member Introduction is offered at both the SLU and SODO locations on a regular basis. Individuals should attend New Member Introduction at the location where they wish to become a Member.

New Member Introduction slots are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we sometimes fill to capacity. Please encourage your client to arrive on time. In the event that an individual arrives after capacity is reached, we would invite them to be a “guest” for the day and to return for the next New Member Introduction session. 

New Member Introduction provides orientation to Café Membership and available programs and services; an opportunity to meet other Members and share a hot meal together; and time to complete intake paperwork.