Recovery Café South Lake Union is now open! 
We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 until 4. New Member Introduction is available daily at 2:30pm.
Learn about our Membership requirements and our Covid protocols.

Café Community

The Café Community allows our Members to feel grounded and secure in a warm, welcoming environment that builds stability, strong relationships, and a sense of belonging. 

Some of the services our Community Café offers include:

  • Two free, nutritious meals each day: Breakfast and lunch at Recovery Café SODO, lunch and dinner at Recovery Café SLU
  • Coffee, tea, and lattes from our coffee bar, with the opportunity to have barista training from our partners at Caffe Vita
  • Access to a computer lab and telephones
  • Connection with our Resource Specialist
  • Daily connection with other Members through cards, board games, and conversation
  • Open Mic Nights, Birthday Celebrations, and other events that share the message, YOU MATTER

The Café Community also provides our Members with a chance to gain access to other resources without having to leave the Café. These resources include:

  • Medical care at the Recovery Café SODO Medical Clinic and from the King County Public Health Reserve Corps nurses
  • Hep-C and HIV testing
  • Dental care from Medical Teams International
  • Connection to mental and health and substance use treatment
  • Housing connections with Aloha Inns and Share/WHEEL