Both Seattle Recovery Cafés are now open as gathering spaces! 
Recovery Café South Lake Union is open  Tuesday through Saturday from 12 until 6. New Member Introduction is available Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2:00pm.
Recovery Café SODO is open Monday through Friday from 9 until 2. New Member Introduction is available Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00am.
Learn about our Membership requirements and our Covid protocols.

Café Community

The Café Community allows our Members to feel grounded and secure in a warm, welcoming environment that builds stability, strong relationships, and a sense of belonging. 

Some of the services our Community Café offers include:

  • Two free, nutritious meals each day: Breakfast and lunch at Recovery Café SODO, lunch and dinner at Recovery Café SLU
  • Coffee, tea, and lattes from our coffee bar, with the opportunity to have barista training from our partners at Caffe Vita
  • Access to a computer lab and telephones
  • Connection with our Resource Specialist
  • Daily connection with other Members through cards, board games, and conversation
  • Open Mic Nights, Birthday Celebrations, and other events that share the message, YOU MATTER

The Café Community also provides our Members with a chance to gain access to other resources without having to leave the Café. These resources include:

  • Medical care at the Recovery Café SODO Medical Clinic and from the King County Public Health Reserve Corps nurses
  • Hep-C and HIV testing
  • Dental care from Medical Teams International
  • Connection to mental and health and substance use treatment
  • Housing connections with Aloha Inns and Share/WHEEL