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Transforming Trauma Retreat

What: Transforming Trauma Retreat

Who: James Finley, author, retreat leader and psychologist will offer a retreat at Recovery Café for members, staff, volunteers and donors who are interested.

When:  This is a three day event:

Friday, Feb. 5, from 7pm to 9pm
Saturday, Feb. 6, from 9am to 4pm
Sunday, Feb. 7, from 10am to 12:30pm

Cost: $250.00 per person. Scholarships available.

**Please bring bag lunch or money to buy lunch at local restaurants in the neighborhood.

To Register and inquire about Scholarships: Please contact Killian Noe



james finleyTransforming Trauma Retreat

A retreat exploring the healing power of spirituality. The retreat singles out seven traumas or sources of suffering to which we are subject as human beings, then goes on to provide seven steps that heals these seven sources of suffering. Methods of meditation and other exercises are provided to help us stabilize and grow stronger in each step of the healing journey. The retreat focuses specifically with the ways in which spirituality can be a resource in healing from the long term, internalized effects of childhood trauma and emotional deprivation. But equal attention is given to how each of the seven steps heals all forms of suffering. The seven steps are presented as a path that gravitates toward becoming a healing presence in the midst of the world. The goal is seen to be becoming someone in whose presence others are more freed up to experience healing in their own lives.