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Goodbye to Two Precious Lives

CowboyRecently we lost two treasured stalwarts of the Recovery Café community.  Cowboy, a long time Member of the Café, was known here for his humor, dynamic smile and his ability to get the whole Café dancing when he performed at Open Mic.  Cowboy was the King of rocking a funk tune that got people on their feet.   At the memorial service for him at the Café (the room was packed with Members, staff and volunteers), someone asked, “Did Cowboy have any family?”  “Yes!” another Member answered affirmatively. “He did, and we are all here.”

We also said goodbye to Tracy Janney who had been volunteering for the Café since we were located at 2nd and Bell.

TracyJanney2photoShe was one of the captains of St. Joseph Catholic Church’s Thanksgiving and Easter Open Mic groups.  Tracy was instrumental in organizing the vast array of dishes and people that would arrive from St. Joe’s at the Café for one of the most anticipated Open Mics of the year.  Her death was a huge shock to everyone.  At her funeral mass (St. Joe’s was packed) her humor, engaging spirit and love for the Café was celebrated.  A fund in her honor for the Café has received over 50 gifts.   Both Cowboy and Tracy leave huge holes in our hearts, and we are grateful for their role in enriching Recovery Café’s healing presence and the legacy of love they both leave us as we grieve.   Core to Recovery Café’s ethos is the knowledge that we are all connected and that in the end what we leave behind is how our actions touch the hearts of those around us. Tracy’s and Cowboy’s lives are inspiring examples; we thank you for helping to make this place of authentic connection, community and love possible.