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Welcome (Back) Carmichael!

If you were to ask a Member, staff, or volunteer what sets Recovery Café apart, they may say it’s the connections, the relationships, the people, that make this place unique. But as the conversation continues you would inevitably get the most basic answer; this place feels different.

When asked what brought him back after a several year hiatus, our newest Café Manager Carmichael shared that the spirit of the Café, the atmosphere carefully cultivated by everyone present, and seeing everyone in the environment “blossom”, made the decision to return to the Café a no brainer.

Carmichael shares that he doesn’t believe in mistakes. He wasn’t planning on coming back to Recovery Café but after becoming unhappy in his last employment situation and knowing he needed to move on, he ran into Jason, our Operations Director, who told him about the open position.

Since returning to Recovery Café Carmichael has stepped seamlessly into the role of Café Manager. His philosophy around his work is that it’s not about him and that he’s just trying to be of service. He loves interacting with our Members on a daily basis, especially those who have moved on from needing the Café only to return later to say hello.

Being a Café Manager is no easy task. As Carmichael puts it, there’s much more substance than a typical job, that it’s hard to describe to others. Some days they find themselves in the kitchen, making dinner and lunch for over a hundred people. Some days they’re teaching someone a new service job or talking with a Member who’s going through a difficult time. But Carmichael approached these challenges with the mantra, “How can I be of service? And, of course, Carmichael does it all with a smile on his face.

Carmichael invites all of you to come to Recovery Café, to experience our spirit, to come and help out in whatever way is best for you. And if you’re in a tough spot right now, this is the place for you as Carmichael points out, “They love you til you learn to love yourself.”

Welcome back Carmichael!