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Please vote Yes! on the Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy

At Recovery Café we see the miracles and triumphs of recovery every day. We have an intimate connection with the lives of the women and men of this transformative community.  We are committed to meeting people where they are and walking with them on a journey of hope and healing. With your help, we are also working to address the systemic issues that are often at the core of why our Members have endured so much suffering.  We do this primarily through our education and advocacy efforts. Recently, our focus has been on the King County Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy. We have attended King County’s public hearings, where our Executive Director, Associate Director of Development and Special Projects Coordinator testified, Real Change published our Executive Director’s Op Ed, and with the help of all of you we mobilized phone call and emails to King County Council Members in support of the Levy.

While Recovery Café receives very little government funding, this Levy it is critical for our partner organizations including housing, behavioral health, and employment providers. The proposed Levy will raise approximately 60 million dollars a year and will provide critical resources for the people Recovery Café serves, significantly magnifying the work we are doing daily. Please support the Levy in November and share with others why it is so important that this passes.

We know that every gift given to Recovery Café is an act of grace and faith. We take your trust in the use of these resources to heart. We want you to know that we are using your gift to maximize its expenditure to the greatest benefit of our community. We believe that our education and advocacy efforts are a good investment. That’s why when our Executive Director was in Washington DC recently he also met with staff from Senator Murray, Senator Cantwell and Representative Jayapal’s office regarding issues that directly impact the people we serve. It is why we will continue to do things like gathering over 400 signatures in support of the letter regarding Health Care legislation we sent to our Federal Elected officials. Together we are making a difference, both in the daily work of rebuilding lives and in the larger landscape of community decisions that have the potential to play a crucial role in helping to improve the lives of us all.