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Member Profile: James Update

When you last heard from James, he was celebrating 20 months of sobriety and excelling in his studies at Bellevue College. We are excited to share an update about his most recent accomplishments! While at Bellevue College, he was a student employee with the Student Programs department, where he worked with fellow Veterans. On top of working and maintaining stellar grades, at the end of this school year he was awarded “Best Student Employee of the Year.” James is continuing to follow his academic and career goals, having recently applied and been accepted into the University of Washington’s (UW) Social Work bachelors program. His hard work has paid off financially as well, as he also is receiving a full-ride scholarship for his tuition at UW. He plans to complete his degree in two years and then continue on to complete the Masters of Social Work.

On top of all these personal accomplishments, James continues to be a gift to the Recovery Café community. He has completed Recovery Circle training and barista training, and now gives back to the community by facilitating a Recovery Circle and supporting the barista training program – making everyone delicious lattes during latte hour! He also supports our Sole Train runners who are completing our Couch to 5K program. Thank you for being a part of James’ Recovery Journey!