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Recovery Café Network launches seventh cohort!

Last week the Recovery Café Network (RCN) launched its seventh cohort of member organizations opening Recovery Cafés. Communities represented included Muncie, IN; Fulton County, IN; Rifle, CO; Frogtown, MN and Santa Cruz, CA. Groups came forward from each of these cities to respond to the addiction epidemic and mental health crisis facing their communities. Taking place for the first time virtually, the new Café leaders learned about the Recovery Café model’s approach to provide individuals the support and stability we each need to thrive during a two-day training session. The training focused especially on RCN’s Core Commitments and various Café components that make it unique among recovery centers. Each Café returned home excited to start communities of recovery support.

During the two-day training, the new Recovery Café Network groups learned the basics of the Recovery Café’s longer-term recovery community model including:

·        How to create a welcoming and healing setting for all people to thrive

·        Raising up individuals to become leaders in the Café using their gifts and talents

·        Peer facilitated support groups called Recovery Circles

·        Creating a virtual School for Recovery curriculum that responds to the unique needs of their members 

·        Monitoring and evaluation of programming to demonstrate impact

This two-day training begins a two-year journey where each group is an Emerging Member of the Network. The Recovery Café Network team supports each Café as they open their doors and welcome individuals to become Full Members.