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Emmy’s Legacy Giving Circle

In every new movement there is a moment when a long-held vision becomes tangible. For Recovery Café, that moment occurred when Emmy Neilson put her weight down with Recovery Café. Emmy gave the first monetary gift toward manifesting the vision of a place of belonging and becoming for people who have been endlessly excluded. Now there are more than 60 Recovery Cafés across the US and Canada providing healing community in each of those areas.

Since that first gift over twenty years ago, Emmy has continued to invest not only financial resources, but time, energy, wisdom, passion, and great love for the people Recovery Café serves. She has also enlisted friends and family to join her in the realization of Recovery Cafe’s unfolding vision. Emmy models holistic giving; the giving of one’s whole life toward a need and for a purpose greater than oneself. 

To honor her holistic giving we have created Emmy’s Legacy Giving Circle. 

When you leave a planned gift to Recovery Café, you become part of Emmy’s Legacy Giving Circle–an opportunity to not only create a legacy that’s true to your beliefs and your values, but also to ensure that Recovery Café will be a place of hope and transformation for years to come. To learn more about joining, please contact Gina Grappone, Director of Resource Development, at gina@recoverycafe.org. You may return to the Café’s Legacy Giving page here.