Learn about Recovery Café Membership

School for Recovery


The School for Recovery gives Café Members and non-Members the chance to grow, heal, discover, take risks, and surprise themselves by doing and becoming what they never thought possible.  While the word “recovery” doesn’t appear in most of course titles, every class is designed to provide support, wisdom, and companions for the hard work of making healthier choices as we live with whatever it is we are recovering from.

Participation in the School advances the recovery journey in a number of ways:

  • Taking classes gives people meaningful things to do with their time and gets them out of their heads
  • Offers them ways to build deeper relationships with people who are serious about recovery
  • Provides mentors who are committed to their healing and growth
  • Introduces them to new ideas and experiences that can take them on life-giving paths they’ve never imagined
  • And most importantly, the School for Recovery is about letting yourself get passionate about something and diving into it in creative, healing ways

All questions about the School can be directed to Elizabeth. Email elizabeth@recoverycafe.org or call 206-374-8731 x208.