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First Annual Recovery Day with the Mariners!

Recovery Café celebrated our Member and Volunteer Appreciation Day this year by attending the first-ever Recovery Day at the Mariners baseball game! On August 25th, 120 people from the Recovery Café joined the Washington Recovery Alliance and 2,000 recovery advocates to showcase the vibrant recovery community in Seattle. Members, Café volunteers, and staff enjoyed watching a winning game by the Mariners team, as well as free food and Recovery Day t-shirts. The pre-game festivities also included a march to the stadium, with roaring chants to “Root for Recovery!”, and booths with recovery resources inside the stadium. 

The day was a celebration of all the goodness, light, hope, joy and limitless potential that comes with recovery. It is not an easy path, but it is a beautiful one, and we feel so honored to have walked on the recovery journey with so many. This day was the culmination of our dream in 2014 to gather recovery advocates around the state to create a state-wide organization dedicated to promoting recovery and mental health wellbeing. That meeting launched the Washington Recovery Alliance and 5 years later we celebrated what will be the first of many Recovery Days with a major sports team.