Acts of Kindness pt.3

The news is distressing right now, but we know that there is good happening still. We know this because we have been the recipients of so many acts of kindness. Last month we shared some of these with you. Here are more acts of Kindness that have happened since then. We’ve been fortunate to receive … Continued

Recovery Café Resource Connection Day

Many people coming to Recovery Café daily for to-go meals and masks have shared that they feel completely abandoned and alone. The fairly brief exchange of two meals and a mask is often the only hopeful interaction they have in a day. Housing resources are incredibly tight with shelters (understandably so) either closed to new … Continued

Acts of Kindness during Social Distancing

In harrowing times, kindness is a heroic thing. During this unprecedented time in our lives, we continue to be inspired and heartened by acts of kindness and concern for the Recovery Café Community. To share a few acts of kindness (and there is no question we can’t cover every kind act) that we are grateful for, … Continued

First Annual Recovery Day with the Mariners!

Recovery Café celebrated our Member and Volunteer Appreciation Day this year by attending the first-ever Recovery Day at the Mariners baseball game! On August 25th, 120 people from the Recovery Café joined the Washington Recovery Alliance and 2,000 recovery advocates to showcase the vibrant recovery community in Seattle. Members, Café volunteers, and staff enjoyed watching … Continued

Leaves of Remembrance Find Their New Home

On August 27th, Recovery Café partnered with WHEEL, a grassroots group of homeless and formerly homeless women, to dedicate twenty-one Leaves of Remembrance at Recovery Café in honor of those who have endured homelessness and died in King County. Café Members, staff and community members shared in a brief dedication service before the installation of twenty-one … Continued

Recovery Café Network Update

2019 has started busy for the Recovery Café Network (RCN). In January, RCN welcomed three Recovery Cafés to Full Membership: Everett Recovery Café, Recovery Café San Jose, and Recovery Café Spokane. Since joining the first cohort in June 2016, these Recovery Cafés journeyed with us as we started RCN and began to realize our dream … Continued

Member Profile: Sara

In early November, during the daily announcements at Recovery Café, Sara looked squeamish. Sara has a big personality and an even bigger smile, so squeamish is rarely an adjective used to describe her.  When asked if any Members have an announcement, Sara slowly raises her hand, she can barely contain herself. She smiles, and uncharacteristically … Continued