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Celebrating Black History Month at the Café

This month we observe Black History Month, a celebration of the accomplishments, history, and culture of Black Americans. The origin of Black History Month dates back to 1915, and it became a national monthslong celebration in 1976. The theme of Black History Month in 2024 is African Americans and the Arts. Visit this link to learn more about Black cultural expression, Black visual artists and images of their work as well as other pieces of Black history.

At Recovery Café, we take this month to celebrate the many Black Americans who fought for better physical and mental health outcomes for Black folks, who face disproportionately higher rates of substance use disorders, mental illness, homelessness, and incarceration in our society. We also celebrate the many Black actors, activists, and athletes (and more) who are in recovery.

Both Recovery Café SODO and SLU are adorned with Black History Month decorations and educational displays all month. Recovery Café SLU held an Open Mic and Black History Month Celebration on February 17th.

Recovery Café SODO will be hosting a Dessert Social on Friday, February 23rd from 2:00-3:00pm with traditional Black family desserts.

Here is a link to all kinds of Black History Month events happening in Seattle this February, from readings to exhibits, performances to discussions, and more!

Photo: SODO staff members Sherry (left) and Ejay pose in front of their beautiful Black History Month display.