Letter in support of BLM King County’s recognition that racism is a public health crisis.

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Recovery Phone Support

Would you like to receive recovery support phone calls? Recovery Café is offering free of charge telephone recovery support. Receive check-in phone calls 1-2 times a week to discuss your recovery journey and other life challenges. Please note this is not therapy. If you are interested please call (206) 374-8731 ext. 125 and leave your name and a phone number where you can … Continued

Acts of Kindness pt.2

The news can be distressing right now, but we know that there is good happening through this crisis. We know this because we have been the recipients of so many acts of kindness. Earlier this month we shared some of these with you. Here are more acts of Kindness that have happened since then. We … Continued

Recovery Café Network Update

2019 has started busy for the Recovery Café Network (RCN). In January, RCN welcomed three Recovery Cafés to Full Membership: Everett Recovery Café, Recovery Café San Jose, and Recovery Café Spokane. Since joining the first cohort in June 2016, these Recovery Cafés journeyed with us as we started RCN and began to realize our dream … Continued