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Member Spotlight: Campbell

Campbell has been a proud member of Recovery Café since its very beginnings twenty years ago. She prides herself on having the Member number ‘3’, dating back to 2004 at the Café’s first location in Belltown, Seattle. She has led what she characterizes as a difficult life with various struggles, but she shares that from a young age, she was told that she would ‘lead people to a higher place of being.’ While she was unsure what this meant for most of her life, she came to find her purpose at Recovery Café.

Campbell has attended almost every class offered at the Café’s School for Recovery, “and then some,” attending versions of some classes three or four times. She describes herself as a jack of all trades, with interests including yoga, gardening, landscaping, trees, and exercise. Last year, Campbell was invited to lead her own exercise class at the Café that she titled, “Let’s Just Move!”

Every Wednesday Campbell leads her class at the South Lake Union Café. Attendees are in for fun surprises each week, including hula hooping, skipping, stretching, and other dance moves to help get them moving. Campbell leads with intention and awareness for differing abilities, offering alternative activities such as seated and lower-impact options. Her favorite thing about the class is the chance to show others a way to express themselves and be involved, something she has always appreciated during her time at the Café.

“For me, the Café has restored faith, hope, and charity,” Campbell shares. And as people who have spent time at the Café in the past two decades know, Campbell inspires these things in all of us.

Photo: Campbell with SLU staff member Clovelle