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Community Volunteer Spotlight: Carl

Introducing Community Volunteer Carl! Carl has been volunteering at Recovery Café since February 2023, after walking by our SLU Café several times on his way to work. He was interested to know more about the Café and to start giving back to the community. He has been involved with us as a Community Volunteer ever since!

Outside of the Café, Carl works as an architect with NBBJ. He enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, getting his hands dirty in his garden, and generally being outdoors. An Indiana transplant, he’s been living in Seattle since 1990.

Carl always comes into the Café wearing a fun shirt (usually with a pun on it) and a warm smile. He spends his time helping out with coffee and meal service while connecting with the many friends he has made here.

His favorite part of volunteering with us is the overwhelming sense of community, belonging, and acceptance he sees and experiences in our space. After his volunteer shift, he leaves with a warm heart. It’s safe to say that feeling of warmth is mutual among all of the Members and staff who have come to cherish Carl over the past months.

Carl feels a sense of peace when he is with us at the Café, and he hopes to share this feeling with other people and communities in his life. The world outside our walls can be quite busy and chaotic. Oftentimes, it is easy to feel forgotten. Stepping into the Café, Carl feels a notable contrast of quietness, serenity, and enveloping community. He deeply appreciates being known and accepted at the Café, and he strives to make others feel the same.

We are so grateful to Carl for being part of the Café community!