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Acts of Kindness during Social Distancing

In harrowing times, kindness is a heroic thing. During this unprecedented time in our lives, we continue to be inspired and heartened by acts of kindness and concern for the Recovery Café Community. To share a few acts of kindness (and there is no question we can’t cover every kind act) that we are grateful for, we want to recognize some of our friends:

NorthWest Harvest has been providing to-go meals in support of our Meal program and has provided over 1,500 meals since we began providing to-go meals. This is a huge undertaking and we know we are a tiny part of their huge program. We would like to salute the courageous efforts of Madelyne, Laura, Chris (NW Harvest Staff) and their amazing delivery volunteers to support our work.

We also would like to thank Mr. West’s Café for donating grilled cheese sandwiches, gourmet bread and, avocados!

Alex Donald has valiantly volunteered both to help provide meals at Recovery Café and to do home delivery.

One of our fabulous partners in all times, Mary’s Place has generously shared resources (especially bottled water) for our to-go meals.

Our Staff Team who has leaned into our new model of providing services, making teleconnection recovery support calls, providing to go meals, delivering food support, and constantly innovating on the fly to meet the needs of our community and those of the Recovery Café Network.

Period Corsets has donated cloth masks for our Team to wear while distributing lunches.

Recovery Café Members who have stopped by to share their perspective and advice about what is most needed.

The State of Washington who has created new flexibility in our contract deliverables to help ensure we can continue to be sustainable through this difficult time.


Several generous donors who have sent in unsolicited gifts.

In this incredibly uncertain time, these acts of heroism create light in the darkness and inspire our hearts. We know as we go into the future there will be so much more to share. Thank you for being on this journey with us. We know the only way through this is together!