Both Seattle Recovery Cafés are now open as gathering spaces! 
Recovery Café South Lake Union is open  Tuesday through Saturday from 12 until 6. New Member Introduction is available Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2:00pm.
Recovery Café SODO is open Monday through Friday from 9 until 2. New Member Introduction is available Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00am.
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Safe Place for Writers Group continues Online

A global pandemic hasn’t stopped our Safe Place for Writers class from connecting with one another. The class, which meets every Friday at Recovery Café to write and share feedback as a form of healing, now utilizes an email format to share weekly writing prompts. This new online format has provided connection in surprising ways, described by facilitator Anna Balint as offering “day-to-day inspiration and community.” In addition to sharing their writing throughout the week, Members have offered up a window into their day-to-day life as they are experiencing it now. Members have shared videos of themselves playing instruments, how their jobs have changed, and other artistic works such as paintings. Members and volunteers alike have commented on how amazing it has felt to continue to stay connected, even if virtually, to share and experience a bit of life together. See some of their art here:

Alone in Sunlight

The sun is shining. The window a frame for spring. A river flows through the
living room. In the bedroom two large cats race around and round, chasing a
moonbeam. In her chair, an old woman reclines, savoring the warmth and
deciding that, no, she would not sacrifice herself for the economy. Not for the
greed of any white man who pretends he is in charge. This is her world, her river,
her cats chasing the moonbeam. Soon she will retire and help the moonbeam to
escape, and enjoy the happiness and joy of her two big cats. The moonbeam
needs to rest. So does she. And she rests. Tomorrow she will release the
moonbeam and the sun to play again, and again she will sit in her recliner and
decide to enjoy the sun and laugh that anyone would think she was ready to give
this up for such as he.

– Cathy

A Watercolor by Cathleen