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Acts of Kindness pt.3

The news is distressing right now, but we know that there is good happening still. We know this because we have been the recipients of so many acts of kindness. Last month we shared some of these with you. Here are more acts of Kindness that have happened since then.

We’ve been fortunate to receive several donations from Tzu Chi, a Buddhist temple here in Seattle including donation of hand sanitizer, hygiene supplies, and snacks and drinks.

Our Neighbors, Holland Partner Group, are going to move around some of their construction infrastructure so that we can put a port-potty in front of the Cafe. A safe place to go to the bathroom is a major challenge for people experiencing homelessness.

We continue to received masks from various donors and community members in different shapes and sizes! This is a huge need for the people we serve and we are grateful for all the help to make sure our community has access to PPE. (We give out 250+ masks a week)

Finally, please see our Resource Connection article where so many people and organizations contributed to help be a face of love and care for our community.

We hope to share more of these Acts of Kindness with you as we all band together to make the best out of our current situation. Thank you to everyone who has helped here, whether or not you were featured in a picture above, made a donation, or contributed in some other way to the
healing work of Recovery Café.