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COVID Updates

Since March, Recovery Café has been evolving our programming in light of COVID-19 and the ongoing needs of our Members. Many in our community are especially vulnerable, so we have aimed to balance providing our programs and maintaining safety for all in our community. Just as recovery is an on-going journey, we are committed to providing on-going recovery support for all who seek it. Our in-person recovery support has shifted to telephone support, with staff and volunteers making weekly one-on-one calls to Members. Our Recovery Circles are still going strong, with a mix of Zoom circles and socially-distanced in-person circles. We have even resummed School for Recovery Classes online, with Zoom yoga, writing classes, and online gatherings such as Pathways to Recovery. While we miss being in person, we are grateful to the ways technology can keep us connected right now! 

In addition, we know that many are struggling to get basic needs met during this challenging time. We have transitioned to providing to-go meals from our South Lake Union location for 2 hours every day, where anyone who comes can receive two packaged take away meals. In total, we have distributed more than 10,000 meals! We are also providing reusable face masks, hand sanitizer, and other hygiene items. We are so grateful to our larger community for their generosity in donating homemade face masks, toiletries, food and more! 

Recovery Café is now also hosting monthly Resource Connection Days, partnering with area local organizations to provide access to resources for our most vulnerable community members. To date we have hosted 4 Resource Connection Days! These days include connecting people with tangible items, including food, face masks, hand sanitizer, hygiene kits, clothing and shoes, as well as helpful educational information about COVID, and homemade cookies and encouraging notes provided by RC volunteers. We have also partnered with organizations to provide access to other needed resources, including COVID testing, Hep A/B vaccines, healthcare navigation, veterinary care, voter registration, housing, and technology support. 

While none of us know how the future will unfold, Recovery Café remains committed to supporting our members in all aspects of their recovery. Every day we will strive to remind our community that they are loved and that their lives matter.