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Every Voter Counts!

During a recent Resource Connection Day, Recovery Café Member Donna told our Resource Specialist, Rachel, that she was having technology trouble with her computer. Rachel invited her back to the Café later that week so they could sit down and troubleshoot. Once they met, masks donned and sitting 6 feet apart, Donna explained that her apartment complex had recently been sold, and the new owner required proof of income from tenants, but she didn’t know how to use her computer to access her benefits history on the Social Security Administration’s website. 

Rachel walked through the process with Donna, and wrote down the details of each step so she could access it on her own at home. Many confirmation emails and texts later, Donna joyfully walked out with several copies of a letter stating her benefits. A week later, Rachel called Donna on her phone provided by the Cafe to follow up, and she said the letter was successfully accepted by the apartment complex, and expressed her gratitude for Recovery Café. 

However, one other thing was on her mind. She knew the general election was coming up, and though she was registered to vote, she hadn’t received a ballot in several years. While on the phone, Rachel looked up her voter registration on Washington’s voter website, and discovered that her registration was inactive. Voter registrations can be reactivated online, however Donna struggled to identify her Washington State ID number. Rachel suggested they meet in person at the Café, which Donna was thrilled by, and an appointment was set. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth numerous challenges, Recovery Café’s commitment to maintaining connection with our Members remains strong. Through organizing Resource Connection Days, providing cell phones for Members, and scheduling 1-1 resource sessions as needed, the Café community has adapted to continue to support Members like Donna in the ways they need.