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Recovery Café’s Voter Registration Efforts

The November elections are right around the corner, and Recovery Café has been hard at work to support the right to vote for everyone in our community. Since June, Recovery Café volunteers have supported our voter registration table at our Resource Connection Days, offering information and materials provided through the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness. In total, our volunteers have helped 16 people register to vote and assisted many others by providing paper registration forms, sharing in-person polling locations, and answering questions about their rights to vote. 

In addition to our Resource Connection Days, we have found other creative ways to support voting efforts. Our staff members, Rachel K. and Tiffany, hosted a Facebook Live event on our Recovery Café page last week to answer common questions about how to vote from our Members, such as how to confirm your registration is active, where you can vote in-person if you don’t receive a ballot in the mail, and what to expect at a voting site. Over 100 people watched the video that same day! Our Resource Specialist created a handy voter guide sharing information on how and where to vote, which has been shared via lunches, email and Facebook with our Members. We also shared this guide as well as offered our plexiglass dividers with the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness so that they can safely host voter registration events through King County, learn more here http://homelessinfo.org/what-we-do/voter-registration/.