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“What I’ve Learned From Plants”

Earlier this month Member Pauline shared this poem at our Faithful Friends event. Her poem “What I’ve Learned From Plants,” written as part of our Safe Place for Writers Group, stood out with poignant life lessons which are especially important to remember as we enter into Spring — the season of growth and rebirth.

What I’ve Learned From Plants
Always seek out the light.
Put down good roots for good health.
Face the Sun. Follow it if you can, but don’t get burned.
Bending prevents breaking, when weathering a storm.
Storms can be survived, and even bring new life.
Variety is wonderful, and natural.
Change is also natural, and often needed.
A good foundation prevents potential problems later.
Sharing with others with similar needs is very rewarding.
If you get too tangled, it may be best to cut everything out and start clean.
Butterflies are your friends.
Seek out what nourishes you.
Give to others, whether through fulfilling a purpose or through your mere existence.
Some people may be aggravated by you – try not to take it personally.
Make the best of where you are, even if conditions aren’t always optimal.
Branch out whenever possible.
You are as you were meant to be – everything else is just circumstance.
Make the most of your environment.
Compliment your neighbors.
Sometimes you have to go past your borders.
Manage your resources, be it feast or famine.
Getting rained on isn’t the end of the world.
There is nothing in the world like a good bed.
Adversity is no match for tenacity.
Grow where you land.