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2023 Faithful Friends Award Winners

Congratulations and THANK YOU to this year’s Faithful Friends award winners.

Executive Director’s Gratitude Award

Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority (PHPDA)

Recovery Café’s founding was based on a dream of a place where people who have experienced trauma and the results of trauma such as homelessness, addiction, and other mental health challenges can come to know they are loved and have gifts to share. As we were planning to open our second Recovery Café location in SODO in 2020, we had another dream: to offer compassionate, welcoming, trauma-informed health care alongside Recovery Café’s holistic services, in a community of radical hospitality. We were honored that PHPDA, a longtime champion of health equity, saw the promise in providing health care and referrals for people who have often had negative experiences with health systems, or have lacked access to quality health care. We believe this approach to wellness will one day serve as a national model. PHPDA’s significantinvestment, $125,000 per year for 3 years, laid the groundwork for the SODO Recovery Café Health Center. It also enabled us to create a priceless partnership with Country Doctor, whose medical staff offers the kind and welcoming care that our community deserves. In addition to PHPDA’s financial investment, they have been a community ally every step of the way as we have navigated COVID-19 and the dramatic pivots required for us to continue to offer services. 

The Visionary Founder Awards

Amy Healy Amy has been a source of light and hope for our community for years. Before COVID, she was a regular fixture at the Wednesday table of card players.  Laughter and kindness radiated from this diverse group of life experiences.  Amy has contributed many things, including serving as a Bridge Builder at our annual fundraiser and donating holiday gifts for Members and staff.  When COVID struck and we asked our volunteers for notes of encouragement to include with supply bags we distributed at our monthly Resource Connection Days, Amy sent a ton.  Her notes were a great symbol of our desire to meet people’s basic needs and feed their spirits. As many of you know, one of Amy’s notes became the foundation for our first online Standing in the Gap invitation. Amy’s generosity is an inspiration to us as we seek always to communicate to our Members, you are loved, your life matters, you belong.

Carolyn Hickman

Carolyn is a longtime volunteer who is deeply committed to the work of Recovery Café. She is one of our volunteer Recovery Circle facilitators, hosting her Women’s Circle on Thursday mornings for over seven years. Our Recovery Circles are intimate spaces, where we share with others our successes, our deeper challenges and sorrows, and receive support. Carolyn holds this space for growth, support, and love by bringing her full and authentic self to the Circle, tapping into her own experience and wisdom while actively learning from those around her. Each Member of her Circle has expressed their gratitude and appreciation for her at some time (those familiar with the Café Circle space know that this is no small feat!). During COVID, Carolyn pivoted from her in-person Circle to calling each Member every week. Since June 2020, she has facilitated her Recovery Circle on Zoom, the only such Circle that continues to meet today. Her willingness to adapt to challenging times and provide support in evolving ways is a representation of her character and care for the community. Carolyn has also become a Resource Connection Day regular at our supplies door, distributing shoes, hygiene supplies, and cold weather gear with a warm and welcoming smile. Carolyn does not seek out the limelight, but today, we want to celebrate her!

Contribution of Excellence Award


Diaz is a longtime beloved Member of Recovery Café.  His willingness to volunteer for chores, including and especially helping with the dishes is an incredible message to everyone of pitching in where it is most needed.  In addition, Diaz facilitates our Spanish speaking Recovery Circle on Saturdays and he helps our Members who speak Spanish navigate and thrive at Recovery Café.  His spirit is one of warmth, welcome and kindness.  Often he is a go to for Members new and old to interact with and build authentic connection.  His ‘can do’ attitude and friendly spirit helps us create the kind of milieu that our commitment to radical hospitality is all about.